March 20, 2015

GemSelect Reviews: Consumer Protection and Buying Online

GemSelect Reviews: Guide to Buying Online with Consumer Protection

Buyer Protection
Have you been thinking of buying online, but aren't sure about the seller? Well fear no more! Nowadays, nearly everybody stops to read and review other online shopper experiences before buying from a store they've never bought from before.  Sure, reading other customer reviews and experiences online is indeed a good practice because it can help identify the fraudsters from real legitimate businesses. But even so, getting ripped off by an organized online crime gangster shouldn't really be that big of a concern - why you ask?

Because of the high level of Buyer Protection available today. Read about PayPal's buyer protection here.

Consumers today are protected in so many ways that it is almost impossible to get cheated in this day and age. In fact, the vast majority of transaction dispute cases between buyers and sellers are favored in side with the buyer - even if the buyer is the one in the wrong. You can ask any seller and they'll tell you it's true; the tables have turned and it is just as much of a concern for sellers to be weary of their buyers. You can find just as many reviews about buyers who ripoff sellers, as you can sellers  - all because of buyer protection.

When customers buy items using payment services such as PayPal, Visa, AMEX, MasterCard or Discover credit cards, they are backed and protected with the absolute best assurance policies - just a simple call to the bank (the telephone number is on the back of most credit cards) or to PayPal and you can easily report any unauthorized, unreceived or even 'received, but not as described' purchases - With a simple call, the credit card company, the bank or PayPal will give you the disputed money back and also investigate the seller. If the seller is a registered merchant, they even run the risk of having their merchant account closed.

In most countries, you can file a charge-back or payment dispute several months after the purchase date. In fact, most banks allow 60 days to file a claim starting from the date you receive the monthly statement, not from the date of purchase. This gives consumers nearly 3 months to report any fraudulent transactions.

GemSelect and Customer Reviews
Even though businesses may be legitimate, there are other reasons for shoppers to read reviews from other buyers about a specific seller. Today, people can leave feedback and reviews about their entire shopping experience, whether it be from an online retailer or a brick and mortar store. Some aspects customers rate include customer service, quality of product, speed of delivery, website design, easy to find navigation, variety of products, comparable pricing, shipping options and prices, the ease of returning an item, and the likelihood to recommend the shop to others.

On the Bizrate Verified Reviews page of Gemselect Reviews, customers can respond to all of these points and more and share them for other customers to review. Several years ago, there were so many review websites available (most of them anonymous) that nobody knew who to trust. That is why Google stepped in and partnered with Shopzilla, the company behind the Bizrate Review Program. Bizrate is the only verified review website that is recognized by Google. Google displays seller ratings based on a total score taken from all their reviews, and they display them on Google Seller Reviews website. You can also see the total 'star ratings' from Google seller reviews next to a business' Google listing like the picture below of GemSelect's.

GemSelect's Verified Star Ratings from Google 
The customer reviews shown on Bizrate and supported by Google cannot be faked or left by anonymous people. Google verifies each and every review to ensure that only actual customers and buyers can leave a review. This means the seller cannot leave their own reviews, and it also ensures that competitors can't leave reviews in hopes to tarnish another company's honest reputation.

So, the next time you plan to buy online, don't concern yourself too much with the thought of ordering something and not receiving it, because chances are, you will have no problem getting your money back from truly fraudulent transactions. Of course, you should still be very careful and weary of suspicious websites. It is safe practice to protect your personal details when shopping.

How to Shop Safe? 
Always check to ensure you are only giving personal information (credit card account number, billing address and etc.) on a secure website page when shopping online. Secure pages can be identified by an SSL certificate. Any page that asks for your personal details should be hosted on a SSL secured page.You can verify this by looking for a padlock icon on the page asking for your information. The icon will be on the top of your browser next to the website URL domain address. You can also check and make sure the website URL begins with HTTPS, and not just HTTP. The padlock symbol and the 'S' both indicate that your information is safe and protected on a secured page using advanced technology that encrypts your data.

We hope this short guide will help those who are new to shopping online. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact GemSelect Customer Service by email at

Happy Gem Hunting!

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