August 23, 2013

GemSelect Customer Reviews from Shanker A.

Our customer, which we'll refer to only by his first name: Shanker - Recently purchased a beautiful Hessonite Garnet from us and after he received his stone, the worst thing that could happen for any jeweler happened!

The stone chipped and broke while trying to set it into the ring is was designed for. Shanker contacted us and we offered to inspect the item and determine if any of the stone could still be salvaged by recutting the stone.

Once we received back, we had our skilled cutters evaluate the stone to determine the best route and after they recut the stone, it was just as beautiful as it was before it was broken. Not much weight was lost at all and it was still a very large stone. We shipped it back to Shanker who was ecstatic with the results. He though he was surely out of a $900 dollar stone, but low-and-behold - He received back a wonderful stone that was still very much usable for the ring he was designing.

He kindly left us a wonderful review on ReviewCentre to share his experience and for that we were very grateful. You can find his review at

"I like the customer care & turn around time for repair & service. I recommend this site for my onsite friends who are not able to shop in their home countries. It will be grateful if their can stud stone in ring of required metal to people who buy stone. I missed the opportunity of asking them to stud it ring. fragile stones should be studded in any ring for the test period before their finalized the lasting metal ring."

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Derek Lee

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