Post by arjunajane » May 14th, 2009, 7:09 pm
Hey guys,

I just wanted to post up a quick review of Gemselect
as I know not many have bought from them/ they are not that popular, so just add to the general knowledge..

Some of you may remember I bought two cabs from them recently - a spess and a rubellite - thread here with pics if interestedlinkage

Anyway, I decided - nothing against the gems - but to send them back. Basically I just like to have my gems set, and can''t afford it atm due to not-having-job situation Image

I just wanted to post that Gemselect were really great about it - I was well outside my return period, but they didn''t even mention it, and were really friendly.

They were quick-smart with emails, and I had the refund in my paypal account before I even knew the package had arrived back.