June 6, 2013

GemSelect Reviews - New Customer Email Review

GemSelect Reviews

We received this awesome Customer Review today from one of our regular GemSelect customers. It's times like these that we realize how much we really love our customers and how much we appreciate it when someone takes the time to send us an email, not only to let us know what's wrong -- but also to let us know what we're doing right!

We hope that 'you' don't mind us sharing this and if you do, send us an email and we'll gladly take this down. We've cut out some key parts that give away any of your jewelry secrets and your name and country/home area is left anonymous. However, do those that are reading this, we couldn't make up something like this even if we tried!

From our customer --

"Sending my earlier email, I have since had the opportunity to read the
current newsletter and really enjoyed it. (Courtesy from and written by, Yours Truly!)

I now make all my own jewelry, which is what all the gems I have purchased
from you go to, and would like to add that in May I had bought an amethyst
ring with a (-- xxxxxx -) oval stone set with multiple smaller amethyst stones
set around the larger. (not from Gemselect)

I knew when I purchased it online that there would be a good chance that I
would be disappointed with the oval stone, which I was upon seeing it.  But
from the gems I had bought from you earlier, I knew I could replace it with
a better quality one.  (From GemSelect!)
When I received the new oval amethyst today and
opened the new stone, I was overwhelmed with the quality of the stone and
cannot wait to replace the original stone in the ring with it.  It will be
a beautiful ring when completed with the new stone with the original
smaller accent amethysts and the ring is in a very nice sterling silver
setting. (This is why buying loose gemstones is great!)

I buy settings for rings, earrings, and pendants (-- xxxxxx -) .
 Used to do all my settings from scratch but now buy the settings
(mountings) and gems and just work from that.  Some times I do not save
alot of money as I buy quality pieces in the gems and the settings.  But as
pointed out in the newsletter, they are unique pieces all my own"...........................
....."Am only including all this, as it relates to your current newsletter.
Keep sending the great newsletters out."

"Thank you, xxxxxxx"

We appreciate comments like this sooo much! To see more reviews, you can visit our Bizrate page at http://www.bizrate.com/ratings_guide/cust_reviews__mid--259953.html

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