May 5, 2013

GemSelect Reviews - Page 2

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"Thanks so much for all of your help -- your service has been exceptional and I will use your company and recommend it to my jeweler, friends and family!."
--PLC, California, USA (May 2009)

"Dear GemSelect, I received my order today. I am very pleased with the Aquamarine & the service I have received has been 100%. I will be buying from you again soon."
--Lynda B., UK (May 2009)

"I got my stone today and LOVE it. I ordered the Morganite and I am totally thrilled. Thank you."
--TC, Virginia, USA (May 2009)

"Thank you for all your kindness. You will be hearing from me again, and that will be for another purchase. Your merchandise is lovely and your company is very professional. Thank you again for all your help and for making my Mom smile again."
--KW, Arizona, USA (May 2009)

"I received today my WONDERFUL Swiss Blue topaz and I thank you very much. What a marvelous blue!!! It's better than the blue sky, it's paradise! I'll make a big ring with it. Best regards."
--Yvette C., France (May 2009)

"I was concerned about your business practice when I read about a dissatisfied customer on another web site (they were obviously confused). However, I made a small order of several stones and was pleasantly surprised. The order was filled and delivered very promptly. Thank you, I will be doing business with you in the near future."
--Kenneth B., California, USA (May 2009)

"I got my stone [yellow sapphire] today and it is beautiful, thank you for all your help in getting it to me. It fits into my ring perfectly and I cannot wait to get it set. Thank you again, I will be placing a larger order next time."
--Tracey F., Texas, USA (May 2009)

"Hello dear! Thank for the stone [color change sapphire], simply did not expect. All SUPER. Thanks, thanks, thanks."
--AF, Russia (May 2009)

"Dear Sir, We received the gemstones [topaz and citrine] you sent and everything is great. Thank you! Best regards!"
--Aristeidis K., Greece (May 2009)

"I received my gems [blue topaz] and am very happy with the overall order and process. I received the gems in a very timely manner and they were beautiful."
--Becky D., Massachusetts, USA (May 2009)

"Hello, I just received the ruby and am very happy with it! The star is indeed beautiful and complete and centered well. Thank you very much!"
--Ron L., California, USA (Apr 2009)

"Very beautiful opal, as described, thank you."
--Jacqueline M., UK (Apr 2009)

"I received my blue spinel today and it is beautiful. Thank you for the prompt response."
--EL, New York, USA (Apr 2009)

"I have bought gems from you and am very pleased with the quality. And I would like to thank you for posting explanations of the various treatments used on gemstones. For those of us who are true amateurs the information you provide is invaluable in helping us to determine whether a stone is worthy of investment or not. Thank you."
--JB, Rhode Island, USA (Apr 2009)

"Hello, just wanted to you know that I received the gems [agate and amber] yesterday. They're great, thank you."
--Julia M., Bermuda (Apr 2009)

"Thanks very much. You will definitely be hearing from me and my friend again. We're both delighted with our stones. I had an amethyst I ordered mounted this last week and my jeweler commented on the quality of the color and cut. You guys are great!."
--Ann S., Texas, USA (Apr 2009)

"I started collecting gemstones 5 years ago. I now have over 100 different gemstones and enjoy looking at them over and over again. I have bought several gemstones from you and have not been disappointed in any of them. You make the ordering process very easy. Thanks again."
--Joanne, Pennsylvania, USA (Mar 2009)

"Dear folks at GemSelect: Just a quick message to say thank you so much for sending this order so safely and promptly. The rainbow moonstones have arrived here safely -- perfect timing -- and they are even more beautiful than I imagined from the photos on your site. I look forward to ordering more gems from you in the future. Meanwhile thank you again so much! With best wishes,"
--Betty P., Australia (Mar 2009)

"Hello, today I got the Imperial Topaz that I ordered, I am very satisfied with its quality and your service, so I want to thank you very much."
--Alexandra M., France (Mar 2009)

"I got my gemstone [pink tourmaline] tdoay, thank you. It's beautiful!."
--DJP, Illinois, USA (Mar 2009)

"Dear Sirs, I just received my order [ruby and star ruby], and am very pleased. Thank you very much and I'm sure I'll order again in the near future."
--WKO, Indonesia (Mar 2009)

"Dear GemSelect, Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service. I have received my gemstone [pink tourmaline] and I'm very happy with it. Once again, thank you very much. Regards,"
--RR, South Africa (Mar 2009)

"Dear Sir or Madam: I received my order today. I have to say they they are some of the prettiest stones [tourmaline and kunzite]. I plan on buying more from your company in the future. I am one satisfied customer! Thanks,"
--Harla S., California, USA (Feb 2009)

"Thank you so much for your help! The gems arrived yesterday [tourmaline, rhodolite garnet, morganite, labradorite and smoky quartz], and they are beautiful! I will definitely order from you again!"
--Laurie J., North Carolina, USA(Feb 2009)

"Dear Sir or Madam: I received my order today. I have to say they they are some of the prettiest stones [tourmaline and kunzite]. I plan on buying more from your company in the future. I am one satisfied customer! Thanks,"
--Harla S., California, USA (Feb 2009)

"The newsletter is very informative and interesting. Thank you."
--Jozef L., Slovakia(Feb 2009)

"Dear GemSelect, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your website and how very pleased I've been with all my GemSelect purchases. The untreated blue sapphire is especially beautiful with its gorgeous colour and outstanding clarity and cut -- it's simply stunning! Thank you!"
--Judy P., Canada (Feb 2009)

"Good afternoon, my gems [red spinel] arrived yesterday. They are wonderful. Thank you for your prompt service. I will not hesitate to use your company in future. Thank you."
--Kit B., UK (Feb 2009)

"Dear GemSelect, I received my first first newsletter today, as I am a new customer. I want to thank you for all the interesting and informative content of the document. I do appreciate expanding my knowledge of gems and this newsletter was full of facts that I did not know. I plan to be a repeat customers as the quality and selection is the best at GemSelect. Thank you again."
--Pamela O., Wisconsin, USA (Feb 2009)

"Greetings: I picked up my shipment last Saturday.The stone [golden orange tourmaline] is stunning! I'm sure it will do the job nicely. Thank you again for your excellent customer service. Regards,"
--Stuart H., California, USA (Feb 2009)

"Just wanted to send my thanks. I received my order [cornflower blue sapphire] and am extremely pleased. Thanks."
--Gary A., Canada (Feb 2009)

"Hello! I just received the 1.41 ct emerald (#210452) by FedEx this morning, and I am completely delighted! The stone is gorgeous -- even prettier than I imagined it would be. Your quick shipping and excellent communications made the perfect international transaction and your site is now at the very top of my list to recommend to friends. Thanks so much."
--Heather E., Texas, USA (Jan 2009)

"Dear GemSelect, I absolutely love your site since I've found it. I have one of the biggest loose gem companies in North America, right here in Knoxville, TN (JTV) to order from. But they don't hold a candle to your flawless stones. I also order from a company in southern California called DSN, once again they too cannot compare with the quality or cost of your stones. I've been collecting gemstones for several years and by far GemSelect is the best gemstone company that I have ever come across. Please keep up the wonderful work. You have a customer here for life."
--Tim D., Tennessee, USA (Jan 2009)

"Dear GemSelect Customer Service, thank you very much! I am quite pleased with your quick and favorable response. I will definitely be purchasing more of your very fine gemstones in the future. It was one of my better days when I discovered your website. Again, I thank you very much for your excellent product and customer service! Best regards,"
--Ruth S., North Carolina, USA (Jan 2009)

"Good morning, I was able ot pickup my package on Saturday 1/17/09 and I am very pleased with my selections. The stones are very nice and will work perfectly for my needs. Thank you for your excellent service."
--Stuart H., California, USA (Jan 2009)

"I just receive this afternoon the excellent Ametrine I bought. It is really incredible! Such a color and cut, better than I see in the picture. Thanks again and this time as I receive it by post I do not pay any euros for custom duties. Many thanks and kind regards,"
--Aurora A., Spain (Jan 2009)

"Hi, I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my tsavorite. It is BEAUTIFUL and beyond my expectations. I have been ordering loose gem stones off those jewelry channels and had sent back every stone. Then I found you and will never buy from anyone else."
--Jackie S., Arizona, USA (Jan 2009)

"Good day! I received my 3.84 carat ruby and it is beautiful! My jeweler was so impressed, she asked for your website!"
--Lauri B., Texas, USA (Jan 2009)

"I just received my second order [golden beryl] and I am so pleased with the quality and service from your company. The stones are exactly as shown on the website, and they are stunning! It gives me a chance to have jewelry that isn't the same five or six stone types that every store in the mall has. Thank you."
--Becky S., New Mexico, USA (Jan 2009)

"I would like to thank you for the beautiful blue sapphire for my daughter's college graduation ring. She absolutely loved it! The color was beautiful."
--Patti P., Wisconsin, USA (Jan 2009)

"Hi GemSelect, many thanks for your reply. Would you believe it arrived today? I just wanted to tell you that I'm delighted with the blue sapphire and would not hesitate to use you again. Thanks again."
--SJF, Spain (Jan 2009)

"I recently put it in an order for a lot of 6 topaz stones. I wanted to thank you for your excellent service. The stones arrived very fast, very gorgeous and once I put them into the setting, the pendant looks absolutely stunning. You definitely will be getting more orders from me.."
--Aleks S., Illinois, USA (Dec 2008)

"Dear gemselect, I've received the package today. The ruby is stunningly beautiful and worth the money spent. I am well and truly pleased. It was great doing business with you. Wishing you Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year. Thanking you warmly and with kind regards."
--Sukraj W., UK (Dec 2008)

"Regarding gem ID 158969 -- I am so pleased with my happy little pineapple. Please convey to the cutter how appreciative I am! Such ingenious execution. It has personalityh from every angle! Bravo! Anticipating a wonderful business relationship --."
--Kathleen M., California, USA (Dec 2008)

"Dear people at GemSelect, the beautiful zircons arrived safely today. I really like them! It's a great pleasure to do business with you. May you all have a joyful Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year in 2009."
--Hugh M., Australia (Dec 2008)

"Just a short note to let you know that I received the latest order today. The gemstones are magnificient, to say the least! I am extremely impressed with the quality of your gems -- I assure you we'll be doing business again soon! May I also use this opportunity to wish everyone at GemSelect a Blessed Christmas and a very Prosperous New Year."
--M.W., South Africa (Dec 2008)

"I recently made my first purchase [tourmaline and imperial topaz] with GemSelect. I was very very pleased with the quality of the stones. Thank you. I will definitely be placing more orders!."
--GMD, Louisiana, USA (Dec 2008)

"Dear sir, I have received the order today [8.74 ct green tourmaline] and am very happy. Thanks very much."
--HSS, UK (Dec 2008)

"Thanks a lot, it was a pleasure to work with you and I'll definitely recommend your service to my friends."
--Alexander K., New Zealand (Dec 2008)

"Just letting your team know the item has arrived today so quickly, more than I expected. Your service is very quick, very punctual and very trustful to rely on. For sure in the future I'll definitely purchase more items from"
--HTL, Australia (Nov 2008)

"I received the stones today and they're just beautiful. Thank you so much for resending the package. I will purchase more stones in the near future. Thanks again."
--Tsemperoulis, Greece (Nov 2008)

"I have received the ruby in perfect condition and as described and very good service, keep it up. Thank you."
--JG, UK (Nov 2008)

"Dear Sir, please to inform you that I have received the oval cabochon violet amethyst ID 198697 Stock ID 5561 on 9 November 2008. It's beautiful. Thank you very much for the smooth delivery."
--OTC, Malaysia (Nov 2008)

"My Friends at GemSelect, received yesterday all the gems. They are all beautiful and they are what I was waiting for. Thank you."
--FC, Portugal (Nov 2008)

"Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity for comments. I am a gemstone miner in North of Pakistan (Kaghan, Naran -- adjacent to Kashmir). I can assure you that your website is most informative and correct. It is wonderful. The best I have come across in last four to five years. I would like to add some more information. Blue, Pink and Bi-color high quality sapphire is also being mined in Naran area of Northern Pakistan just across from Kashmir, as a matter of fact only couple of kilometers. Thanks again for hosting such a lovely and informative website."
--Mashadi, Abbottabad, Pakistan (Nov 2008)

"I received my star ruby today in Connecticut. All I could do is smile. My wife and I were very impressed by the stone, beautiful, just beautiful. Our second purchase and we are 100% satisfied."
--William G., Connecticut, USA (Oct 2008)

"I received the Peridot stone yesterday and I am absolutely delighted with it. It is the perfect size and color. I shall have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and look forward to doing business with you again. Once again, many thanks for your speed and efficiency."
--JCH, UK (Oct 2008)

"Just wanted you to know I received my gemstones, and they are great! My daughter loves the citrine that will be put in a mount for her engagement ring! Thanks again ... Lord bless."
--Brenda F., Alabama, USA (Oct 2008)

"I received the gems today [kunzite and blue topaz]. The gems are lovely, thank you. Kind regards,."
--Julie L., Australia (Oct 2008)

"Received this order today. The stone [mandarin spessartite garnet] is absolutely beautiful."
--Chuck E., Kentucky, USA (Sept 2008)

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for my beautiful topaz, your gems are so lovely. Thank you again,."
--Mary M., UK (Sept 2008)

"I have received this shipment [sunstone, apatite and star garnet] and am pleased with all of the stones. Thanks so much, hope to do business with you again."
--JM, West Virginia, USA (Sept 2008)

"Greetings from New York! The fire opals arrived yesterday morning in fine condition. They are lovely, and thank you kindly for processing and shipping my order so quickly."
--Kyle C., NY, USA (Sept 2008)

"I have received my order for kyanite and peridot. I am so very pleased with the quality and cut. Thank you so much for being reliable, honest and fast. Your description of the gems was very accurate ... I will definitely order again."
--Wendy S., California, USA (Sept 2008)

"Thank you, my order [lapis lazuli] arrived yesterday and is lovely."
--Virginia L., Australia (Sept 2008)

"Good morning. I accepted my first order, I am very happy, thank you."
--S.S., France (Sept 2008)

"Received my 7 ct morganite and london blue yesterday ... just had to let you know this was the quickest time I have ever received merchandise thru internet shopping. Friendly, right to your door, and just think all the way from Thailand. I have ordered within the USA and getting merchandise takes up to 14 days. You guys means what you say, and the Gemstones are the best in my collection. Thanks again, I will be a frequent shopper."
--Mary C., Florida, USA (Aug 2008)

"I just wanted to thank you so very much for your website. As someone who is beginning a gemology education, I found this website to be an education in itself. I think all students of gemoogy should be so lucky as to find your website."
--Kelly C., Ohio, USA (Aug 2008)

"I received my package today and am very pleased with it [cat's eye apatite]. Thank you very much for your prompt service!!! I will be back as a return customer as soon as I am able to. Thank you again."
--Linda D., New York, USA (Aug 2008)

"I received the above order today [rutile quartz]. Thank you, they're beautiful."
--Cathy M., Virginia, USA (Aug 2008)

" ... I bought the citrine 3.29 ct and I have received that and I'm very happy with that stone. Hope to do business with you in the future."
--H.B., Aruba (Aug 2008)

"I received the new spessartite and it is very nice. The color is beautiful. Now all I have to do is find a nice setting for it!."
--Michelle S., Virginia, USA (Aug 2008)

"Hi, received my gems order; nice additions to my collection. I would like to say how very quickly I got my order, very fast indeed. Very pleased, thank you."
--Steven C., Scotland (Aug 2008)

"I have just received my 1st order from you and am very happy indeed with both the quality of the merchandise and the efficiency of the service."
--Bernard I., UK (July 2008)

"Dear All, the sapphire arrived today. Wonderful, we're absolutely delighted."
--Ken G., UK (July 2008)

"Hi, thanks for your products which I received today and I hope to do more business with you in the future."
--Nauman A., UK (July 2008)

"THANK YOU! My stones are absolutely stunning. The stars in my ruby and sapphire and crisp and clear, better than I could have hoped for. Thanks again."
--Virginia M., Florida, USA (July 2008)

"We have received the parcel containing the ruby ref. #176688, and I would like to say that we are extremely pleased with the quality of the merchandise and the service. No doubt we will come back! Many thanks again,"
--Marie-Pierre P-V., Belgium (July 2008)

"Thanks for the lovely topaz pair and the diaspore (the color change is pronounced and very cool!)."
--Linda J., Colorado, USA (June 2008)

"Gems arrived today. Excellent service, excellent product. Thank you,"
--Ernie P., UK (June 2008)

"I have received the package a day early, and the items were in a very good condition. I was impressed with the quality and speed of service. I admit I was rather skeptical at the idea of buying gems online, but from what I have seen this will be the first of many purchases I plan to make every month or so. Best regards,"
--AJ, Saudia Arabia (June 2008)

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your company for providing quality gemstones. I deeply appreciate your diligence to detail with every stone I have viewed and purchased. I look forward to doing business with you for many years"
--DLH, Washington, USA (June 2008)

"I have received my package and must say the Hiddenite is the best green color I have ever seen. Beautiful saturation and beautiful cut. The Diaspore is magnificient. Love the gemstones and rest assured I will continue to make my purchases from GemSelect! Love your product, service, and care in making sure I am in receipt of your beautiful stones."
--OD, Virginia, USA (May 2008)

"I received my shipment a few days ago and just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with my gems. The oval facet Orange Sapphire that I loved is even more brilliant and colorful than it was on the computer screen. I am so excited to own such a lovely stone that I'm having a setting made specially for it. I also have a Rose-Pink Tourmaline that I'm very happy with. The details that your company offers with each stone is very appreciated. I have ordered 4 times from GemSelect and I've found the details to be 100% accurate and the photographs to be as true as my own eyes. Now that we have a rapport together I know I can trust what I'm viewing and that my order will get here quickly and safely."
--Karen S., California, USA (May 2008)

"Today I have gone to my post office, and, at last, I have received my two orders. That is all right. All the golden tourmalines are very very beautiful! Thank you very much for fine gems and for your splendid and wonderful site. With all the best wishes."
--Tatyana M., Russia (May 2008)

"I just receive the gem [imperial topaz] it is much more beautiful than in the picture. I feel very very happy with your firm! You are very professional. Regards."
--Aurora A., Spain (May 2008)

"Got my order in today. I am speechless. They are breathtakingly beautiful and I couldn't touch them elsewhere. Your prices are better than I've seen anywhere else. Thank you for not being greedy. The spinel is especially nice."
--RL, Nevada, USA (May 2008)

"Hello, I received my recent shipment and was very happy with it. I appreciate your newsletters that come out every month and find them informative."
--EM., California, USA (May 2008)

"Just wanted to drop a note to let you know I received my 1.97 ct Portuguese Round Pink Tourmaline. It is absolutely gorgeous and I have shown it to everyone at work! Looking forward to buying more gems!"
--BB, California, USA (May 2008)

"I just wanted to let you know I received my order/gemstones in excellent condition. The stones are lovely. I am very happy with my purchase and will order again. Thank you for a smooth transaction."
--Donna S., Georgia, USA (Apr 2008)

"Just to let you know that yesterday I received the first order of the 3 combined orders and also the second shipped order with the large 4.12ct ruby heart. Everything is fine and all the items are just as I was expecting except for the emerald carvings which are much bigger than I thought they would be! They are super! All the ruby hearts are gorgeous (I knew just what to expect with those as I have some already, which is why I felt confident about ordering so many without seeing them) and I already have a ruby turtle so again I knew exactly what I was ordering. I'm looking forward to receiving the rest of my orders. Thanks and best regards."
--Maxine G., UK (Apr 2008)

"I have already received my cabochon ruby and hiddenite gemstones and I am very happy and will recommend your company to other people I know."
--AFTT, Australia (Apr 2008)

"I am very satisfied with your service, quality stones, and reasonable prices."
--KLS, California, USA (Apr 2008)

"I just have my tourmaline on my hands. It is so beautiful!!!! I thank you very much for your support. I will recommend you to my friends. Kind regards."
--Aurora A., Spain (Apr 2008)

"I recently began purchasing from you. My first purchase, an amethyst and a briolette cut zircon, I liked. However, my second purchase, two tourmalines -- items 171842, 169973 -- were absolutely stunning. I'm a gem geek without specific training. I took the stones to my GIA trained jewelers with impressive pedigrees -- she was a DeBeers dimaond buyer in South Africa -- they were equally as impressed as I was. They gave me a replacement cost for the stones at approximately 8x what I paid for them. I have the feeling that I'll be buying more from you. Thank you."
--Valerie W., Illinois, USA (Mar 2008)

"I found your site very interesting and I already made three orders with full satisfaction: some gems have been used to make rings for my wife and she was very satisfied. Since I was a boy I had the passion for minerals collection but with you I started to make my "gems collection"! I would visit your site every day hoping to find something not too much expensive to complete my new show window. I thank you for the reliability and fast service. Thanks a lot."
--Carlo N., Italy (Mar 2008)

"My GemSelect order arrived today. Thank you, I'm very happy with all the items in the order [sphene, fire opal, prehnite, rainbow moonstone] and particularly the larger items. Much thanks for all your excellent service and high quality items."
--Randi B., New Mexico, USA (Mar 2008)

"I just wanted to say that I just got my order. I ordered two rainbow mystic topaz and they are absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to set them. Thank you so much you have a fan and loyal customer."
--Maria S., California, USA (Mar 2008)

"I just received three stones today. Items 169625 (spessartite garnet), 168195 (imperial topaz) and 152330 (london blue topaz). I wanted you to know that they are GORGEOUS!!! This is the first time I have used your site and it will not be my last. As advertised, I louped, weighed and measured them and they were right on in all areas. You provide what you advertise and the quality is exceptional!"
--Mark C., Florida, USA (Mar 2008)

"I just wanted to thank you for your very fast and timely shipping of my items and excellent customer service. I received my international shipment in record time and with no hassle or fuss. The nice courier even rang me on my phone to arrange an alternative for delivery because I was not home at the time. I bought from you one other time in 2006 and was equally impressed. Keep up the good work."
--Angela K., UK (Mar 2008)

"I like your website very much. It is very professional, well organized and easy to use. The detailed pictures of each gem are very helpful, I also appreciate supporting information ranging from technical information on gems in general, as well as astrology and other other historical highlights."
--Nancy B., Michigan, USA (Mar 2008)

"Received my second order from GemSelect today, both orders purchased are exactly what I expected, great quality at a good price. You can purchase from GemSelect with confidence, you guys are great and will be receiving future orders. Thanks for your honesty and quality service. "
--Mike J., Louisiana, USA (Mar 2008)

"Thank you, I received the order yesterday evening. I was impressed with the quick shipment and the merchandise as well.."
--EY, California, USA (Mar 2008)

"Your website has a very good selection of affordable stones, keep up the good work! Best regards from a satisfied customer."
--Rune L., Norway (Mar 2008)

"I just bought a 5.36 ct Ruby from you and I am very pleased with the stone and the delivery."
--William D., Texas USA (Feb 2008)

"I ordered and received gem stones today. Each stone is very beautiful. I liked these stones."
--Yoko W., Japan (Feb 2008)

"Thank you very much! I've received my order in good order yesterday. I love them! They are exactly what I have seen in the website."
--A.L., Singapore (Feb 2008)

"I received my Mystic Quartz today and it is beautiful! I thought I would give your company a try. I am very pleased and will buy from you again. Keep up the good work. Thank you."
--Ed M., California, USA (Feb 2008)

"Many thanks for your very prompt service. Delighted with the gem [star ruby]."
--TSB, UK (Jan 2008)

"I have ordered many gems from you lately. I have been very happy with your company service and the quality. It is just nice to hear good things once in a while. I will continue doing lots of business with you. Thank you."
--Wendy F., Wisconsin USA (Jan 2008)

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