May 20, 2013

GemSelect Reviews - Number One in Customer Service

SETT Company Ltd., Chanthaburi, Thailand 

 No company can please all of their customers all of the time. We’re certainly no exception to this rule. It's a fact that every business will have some unsatisfied customers, but it's how the business reacts to resolve the problems is what separates men from mice.

 We are a legitimate registered business that has been in the industry since 2003. We are also registered and verified with Duns and Bradstreet; you can view our certificate of registration and verification here:

 We have been in business for over 10 years! We are one of the top 100,000 websites in the entire world.  We are ranked globally around 50,000.  In the USA, we're one of the top 25,000 websites! Imagine how many websites are out there in the world. 

We've served over 65,000 customers in over 120 different countries since we've started and over the next years, we'll crunch these numbers. Check for the latest ranking and review: 

 If you feel any way unsatisfied with your purchase, you can email us for return instructions.  We are very lenient and flexible with our 30 day return policy. In fact, we recently accepted a return from over 6 months ago (long and funny story from the customer, but we’ll save this for another day). 

In any case, we’re not here to make a quick buck; what we want is long lasting relationships with our customers. 

 Our website has been established for 10 years and you can check our domain records online. Our registrar information is made for public viewing at 

 We have an excellent established commercial merchant account with a large international bank – Kasikorn Bank. Kasikorn Bank has locations all over the world, including USA! Read more about Kasikorn Bank on our article at or visit their website at

 We have been a Verified PayPal Business Account Member since 2004.  We are also listed on AIGS Laboratory’s recommended gemstone supplier page! You can find us listed at 

 We are a member of Chanthaburi’s Gem and Jewelry Traders Association. You can view our membership certificate at    
 We have well-established public profiles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many, many more social networking sites. 

You can send us a message or contact us through any of these channels We are a verified business by Bizrate / Please see our Verified Reviews at (  

These reviews are for the past 90 days only and only those that have purchased items from us are able to leave a review on Bizrate We hope you found this article interesting. Be sure to visit us on our Social Networking sites. 

If you have any comments or suggestions just drop us a line or send us a message on any of our social sites. Happy gem hunting! Your friends at GemSelect

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